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In view of the importance of the protection of personal information, in order to further improve the social trust of language school management and study abroad related service business, the Law on the Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Law) and other related laws and guidelines , Etc., handle personal information properly, and take appropriate measures for safety management.
We will work to ensure that appropriate handling is carried out by thoroughly educating and teaching employees so that the handling of personal information is properly conducted. In addition, we will respond promptly to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information, and will appropriately review and improve appropriate measures for handling and safety management of our personal information.


Acquisition of personal information

We acquire personal information within the range required for business and by lawful and fair means.


Purpose of using personal information

We use the acquired personal information to the extent necessary to carry out the business. In addition, we operate a language school management business and a service related business related to study abroad, and use it to the extent necessary to carry out the business concerned. It will not be used for any other purpose.
Specific purposes of using personal information in our company are as follows.

  1. Enrollment / entry to a language school operated by our company, procedures for participation in the program, and provision of additional services and related services.
  2. Provision of insurance-related products and incidental / related services related to the insurance business that the Company operates separately from the above-mentioned operations

When changing the purpose of use described above, in principle, the contents will be notified to the person in writing, etc. or published on a website (address) etc.


Safety management measures for personal data

We take sufficient security measures such as maintenance of handling rules regarding safety management and maintenance of implementation system to prevent leakage of personal data, loss or damage of personal data and other management of personal data. We have taken appropriate steps to ensure the accuracy and currentness required to achieve it.


Provision of personal data to third parties

In providing personal data to third parties, we do not provide personal data to third parties without your consent, except in the following cases:

  1. When based on laws and regulations
  2. When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of two people, and it is difficult to obtain their consent.
  3. When particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or for the promotion of the sound development of children, and particularly for the improvement of public health or the sound development of children.


May 8th, 2019